Privacy Statement


We take Privacy very seriously at Green Bee and treat any personal information like our own. We don’t like our information sold and we dont want to receive a bunch of unsolicited marketing emails. Private means Private. Any information that is sent to Green Bee is covered under these Privacy terms:

  1. Never Sold or Rented:  None of our information is ever sold or rented to outside 3rd parties.
  2. Never Released:  None of our information is ever released to any outside 3rd parties.
  3. Marketing Communications:  Green Bee will never send unsolicited marketing information. No emails, no phone calls, no junk mail.
  4. Opt Out:  Anybody can stop Green Bee communications by sending an email to

Breach of Privacy

If you feel there has been a breach of Green Bee’s Privacy Statement, then we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately. Please go to the Contact page for details on how best to reach us.

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